about love and squalor

hi and welcome to my brand new, freshly minted, young and sprightly little blog. it’s pretty scarce at the moment, but hopefully won’t be for long.

i suppose for the inaugural post, a self introduction would be proper. my name is emily, and i’m an eighteen year-old college student living in southern california. one of my greatest pet peeves is feeling stagnant, and as a result i’ve collected far too many hobbies in my life: reading, singing, eating, sewing, comic book collecting, random arts and crafting, shopping (aka spending money i don’t have), painting, what have you. this blog will be a kind of documentation of all these random activities, books i’ve recently read and liked, sewing adventures and misadventures, art-related ramblings, recipes and the eternal quest to stay in shape, the exciting life of computer science-art history double major–an entire smorgasbord through my little corner of the word. i hope you stick around!

love and squalor is named, of course, after the salinger short story for esme, with love and squalor. j.d. salinger is my favorite author, and seymore glass is my spirit animal.